The Flourish Assessment

Your Path to Flourishing in Business and in Life

Dearest friend,

If you’re like most high-achieving leaders, chances are your goal is to live your very best life - authentically. But as you know, we are often torn between success, influence, and impact in our organizations and the marketplace, and having a flourishing family and personal life. But like many, you may not be clear on what steps you can take to create meaningful shifts so you experience more fulfilment, clarity and joy - and less stress and overwhelm.

This is exactly why I’ve created the Flourish Assessment. In less than 10 minutes you’ll not only discover the areas where you are on track and doing well, you’ll also pinpoint those areas that really need your attention in order to remove your Golden Mask and flourish in your business and your life.

But we won’t stop there. After taking this assessment, check your inbox right away. There you will find a summary of your results and some important next steps I’m suggesting you take based on where you are on your path to flourishing!

0 =  I’ve not addressed this at all.
4 =  I’ve given this some attention.
7 =  I’m doing very well here.
10 = Excellence. I am flourishing here.

I. The Fundamentals

1. I have a sense of clarity, purpose and faith that I have woven into my life and work

2. I am following a specific, written one-year plan for my career and life

3. I have a daily practice that quiets my mind and allows me to feel grounded and fulfilled

4. I have a specific written legacy. I am clear about my purpose and what I will leave behind in this world

5. I am authentically flourishing - happy and fulfilled with my work, health, wealth and relationships. I am truly living the life I have designed.

II. Self Care

1. I move through every day with a sense of ease so that I rarely feel stressed

2. I sleep at least 7 restful hours every night and wake up feeling refreshed

3. I have healthy daily eating habits and make time for exercise at least five times per week

4. I am kind, loving and forgiving to myself on a daily basis

5. I live authentically - never needing to appear to be anyone other than who I truly am

III. Finances

1. I have the financial resources I need in my portfolio to continuously maintain my desired quality of life

2. I am confident in the stability of the businesses, stocks and funds in which I have invested

3. I am satisfied with my annual income, which is enough to provide for the quality of life I have envisioned

4. I am proud of the way I manage my finances, debt and credit

5. I am truthful with myself and others regarding my financial situation

IV. Relationships

1. I have a loving and supportive relationship with my immediate family

2. I spend enough quality time with my spouse/partner and loved ones

3. I have the respect and support of my executive team and/or client community and they facilitate my advancement

4. At work I lead a successful and cohesive team grounded in trust and a common vision

5. I am appreciated for exactly who I am in my relationships at work and in my personal life

V. Career and Business

1. My work fulfills me and is aligned with my purpose

2. I feel great about the trajectory of my career and/or business growth

3. I have created a specific 3-year business/career plan and I am on track to meet my professional goals

4. I have a business and/or career mentor who provides monthly guidance, accountability and feedback

5. I bring my true self to work every day and interact with others in an authentic way

VI. Commitment to Flourishing

1. I am ready to discover any barriers to fully flourishing in my career, business and life

2. I am committed to invest in getting the support I need to flourish

3. I would value a complimentary Flourish Discovery Session and would schedule one within the next two weeks, if offered.

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